Is Automated Key Management the Secret to SWIFT CSP Success?

Every year, the bar for SWIFT CSP compliance gets pitched a little bit higher. For 2020, a number of advisory controls were upgraded to mandatory, including a control related to shrinking the threat surface in banking organizations through application hardening. This is a wise tactic: as attackers carrying out fraudulent transactions get more sophisticated, financial institutions need to do the same when it comes to information security. At the same time, it’s not clear that increased mandatory advisories will be enough to stem the year-over-year increase in SWIFT CSP fraud.

How to Fight New Phishing Scams in the Midst of the Coronavirus

So far, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world a myriad of flaws, risks, and vulnerabilities in the everyday systems and behaviors that we take for granted. This extends to healthcare infrastructure in much of the world, obviously, but it applies just as strongly to the global supply chain, telecommunications networks, and cybersecurity. Toilet paper and hand-sanitizer shortages are rampant (at least in the US), remote work is taking a tremendous toll on existing mobile and Wi-Fi networks, and phishing attacks aimed at a nervous and wary populace are on the rise.

Safetydetective interview with pEp co-founder Leon Schumacher

Leon Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of Pretty Easy Privacy, was kind enough to sit for an interview with Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks so she could ask him how he sees hackers both as a threat and as a solution.

p≡p adds five major features in new release

p≡p security has introduced five major improvements to new versionsof the p≡p applications for Android and Outlook; the biggest change is KeyImport, which allows the easy and safe import of existing keys from p≡p applications and OpenPGP-based applications. Additionally, p≡p for Outlook now also includes the option of attaching a disclaimer to encrypted messages as well as using Force Protection to force encryption for receivers. p≡p for Outlook and p≡p for Android also add a feature to passive mode, and p≡p for Android has the newer Material Design from Google.

pEp Security Delivers Powerful New Solutions

Luxembourg -- Apr. 30, 2018—pEp Security S.A. today announced the launch of a new version of pEp for Outlook and the first version of pEp for Android, easy-to-use encrypted email solutions to anyone, anywhere.

Sicherheitsupdate p≡p for Outlook

p≡p for Outlook Version 1.0.51 ist jetzt über das Auto-Update verfügbar. Die neue Version behinhaltet Sicherheitsupdates in Bezug auf den Code-Audit-Bericht für die p≡p engine, welcher hier verfügbar ist. Wir empfehlen unseren Kunden das Update auf die nächste Version baldmöglichst durchzuführen.

p≡p Security (pretty Easy privacy) veröffentlicht heute am 4. Juli 2016 ihre ersten Produkte

Das Unternehmen hatte seine neue Technologie und seine innovative Produktlinie bereits im März an der RSA-Konferenz in San Fransisco vorgestellt. Jetzt werden diese Produkte, welche sichere E-Mail-Kommunikation sowohl für PC- als auch für Mobil-Nutzer anbieten, veröffentlicht. Heute werden p≡p für Outlook und p≡p für Android auf den Markt gebracht, womit sowohl die Windows- als auch die mobilen Androidwelten abgedeckt werden.