Release Notes p≡p for Outlook

Version Release 1.1.263

Release Date: 03.03.2022

  • Fixed issues with key election

Version Release 1.1.259

Release Date: 20.09.2021

  • Improved install process

  • Improved functionality for different protocols and email providers

  • New Sequoia version

Version Release 1.1.257

Release Date: 07.07.2021

  • Improved performance for large attachments

  • Fixed issue with message body not showing

  • Updated p≡p Engine and other components

Version Release 1.1.256

Release Date: 07.06.2021

  • Improved MIME filename handling

  • Improved pEp Sync procedure

  • Improved Outlook 64-Bit support

  • Fixed issue in Nettle library

Version Release 1.1.254

Release Date: 22.04.2021

  • Update of components

  • Improved passphrase handling

  • Improved startup speed

  • Fixed issue with draft messages

Version Release 1.1.251

Release Date: 11.02.2021

  • Update of p≡p engine and components

  • Improved support of Outlook 64-bit versions

  • Improved compatibility when downgrading version

  • Improved installer and updater

  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes

Version Release 1.1.204

Release Date: 14.12.2020

  • Update of components

  • Fixed key generation issue

Version Release 1.1.203

Release Date: 06.11.2020

  • Improved behaviour against PGP signature spoofing attacks

Version Release 1.1.202

Release Date: 18.09.2020

  • improved display of attachments on untrusted servers

  • fixed issue for sending unprotected emails

Version Release 1.1.201

Release Date: 11.09.2020

  • fixes issue with trusted server

Version Release 1.1.200

Release Date: 04.09.2020

  • Improved p≡p Sync between devices with sub-folder

  • Improved PGP key import

  • Support for passphrases

  • Improved translations

  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes

Version Release 1.1

New Features

  • Reset

  • p≡p Sync

  • Private Key import from PGP/pEp clients

  • Design updates

  • Show Reset Trust buttons for all grey identities in handshake dialog

  • Enterprise: paths configurable for Outlook

  • Untrusted Server: Display / search encrypted subject

  • Introduction Tutorial

Resolved Bugs

  • various bugs fixed

Version Release 1.0.204

Release Date: 30.10.2018

New Features

  • Option (disabled by default) to show Privacy Status bar on the bottom of the message.

  • Support to display attachment names for messages from Symantec PGP Desktop

  • Support for autocrypt headers

  • Detect disabled ActiceX and enable it if required

Resolved Bugs

  • improvements Key Import process

Version Release 1.0.102

New Features

  • Added button in UI to enable/disable passive mode

Resolved Bugs

  • various bugs fixed

Version Release 1.0.100

New Features

  • Support for Disclaimer

  • Added detection of new account during composition of message

  • Added Force Protection if no public key is available

  • Added handshake for all recipients of a message

  • Added language selector in advanced Trustwords dialog

  • Added more languages

  • Added p≡p for Outlook Reader

  • Added PGP/MIME support

  • Added possibility to disable p≡p for selected email accounts

  • Added search on untrusted Server

  • Added server qualification (trusted/untrusted) on install

  • Added support for distribution List in the Exchange address book of the user

  • Encrypt outgoing messages when p≡p is disabled if answer to encrypted message

  • Improved Blacklist functionality

  • Improved localization

  • Removed attachment symbol for messages on untrusted servers

  • UI improvements

Resolved Bugs

  • many bugs fixed

Version Release 1.0 Update 1

New Feature * Engine Security Fixes

Version Release 1.0

Initial release