Release Notes p≡p for Thunderbird

Version Release 1.1.107 Beta (only Linux)

Release Date: 04.05.2021

  • Initial p≡p for Linux beta release, welcome on board!

  • Contains all features of the other releases plus:

  • Show decrypted subject and body preview in new mail notifications

  • Hide notifications for pEp Sync messages and suppress their notification sounds

  • Please note, that this beta version for Linux has no updater functionality!

Version Release 1.1.104 (Windows), 1.1.105 (macOS)

Release Date: 13.04.2021

  • Compatibility with Thunderbird 87 and 88 beta versions

  • Restore p≡p button in compose window if missing

  • Improved p≡p Sync functionality

  • Update of components

  • Many minor improvements and fixes

Version Release 1.1.102

Release Date: 01.03.2021

  • Fixed issue with missing attachments

Version Release 1.1.101

Release Date: 23.02.2021

  • Improved Installer to cleanup cached data

  • Improved Installer to cleanup cached data

Version Release 1.1.100

Release Date: 15.02.2021

  • Update of p≡p engine and components

  • Improved handling of privacy attachments (keys, signature, etc.)

  • Make the dialogs themeable (dark mode support)

  • Improved dialogue and prompts

  • Renaming in task manager to “p≡p (pretty Easy privacy)” (only Windows)

Version Release 1.1.021 Beta

Release Date: 14.12.2020

  • Update of components

  • Fixed key generation issue

  • Fixed issue with user ID (only MacOS)

Version Release 1.1.018 Beta

Release Date: 26.11.2020

  • Improved installer

  • Improved tooltips

  • Improved startup behavior

  • Some minor fixes

Version Release 1.1.017 Beta

Release Date: 28.10.2020

  • Implemented pEp Tutorial

  • Implemented support of fingerprints for OpenPGP partners

  • Improved behavior against PGP signature spoofing attacks

  • Fixed issue with crashes on MacOS

  • Updated components

  • Many minor fixes

Version Release 1.1.011 Beta

Release Date: 26.09.2020

  • Adding search functionality for encrypted emails

  • Adding option do deactivate indexing of encrypted emails

  • Improved design for some p≡p options

  • Fixed issue with adapter crash notification

  • Fixed issue with caching decrypted messages

  • Fixed issue with device groups

Version Release 1.1.007 Beta

Release Date: 11.09.2020

  • fixes issue with trusted server

Initial Version Release 1.1.006 Beta

Release Date: 04.09.2020

New Features

  • Encrypt/decrypt emails and their subjects

  • Store messages encrypted or unencrypted on the server (Untrusted or Trusted server)

  • Compatibility with OpenPGP (as a p≡p user you can communicate with users that use OpenPGP)

  • Passive Mode (public key only attached if the communication partner uses p≡p)

  • Automated, decentralized key management

  • Import Private Keys

  • p≡p Sync, automated synchronization of keys between all your devices using p≡p

  • Reset

  • Extra Keys