Release Notes p≡p for iOS

Initial Version Release 1.1

Release Date: 24.04.2020


  • Encrypt/decrypt emails and their subjects

  • Store messages encrypted or unencrypted on the server (Untrusted or Trusted server)

  • Compatibility with OpenPGP (as a p≡p user you can communicate with users that use OpenPGP)

  • Passive Mode (public key only attached if the communication partner uses p≡p)

  • Automated, decentralized key management

  • Import Private Keys

  • p≡p Sync, automated synchronization of keys between all your devices using p≡p

  • Reset

  • Extra Keys

Version Release 1.1.009

Release Date: 01.05.2020


  • Fix to get G Suite accounts working

  • Complying with Encryption Export Regulations for France

  • Fix for emails that appeared empty

  • Improved contact search

Version Release 1.1.011

Release Date: 25.05.2020


  • simplified PGP key import