Release Notes p≡p for Outlook

Version Release 1.0

Initial release


Keep Alive plugin

Version Release 1.0 Update 1


Engine Security Fixes

Installer for a Security Patch Update (was: Light Updater)

Version Release 1.0.100


  • Added Disclaimer
  • Added breaking security warning message
  • Added check during installation if GPG4Win is already installed
  • Added config option to decide behaviour when p≡p is disabled
  • Added detection of new account during composition of message
  • Added Force Protection if no public key is available
  • Added handshake for all recipients of a message
  • Added language selector in advanced Trustwords dialog
  • Added more languages
  • Added Never Unsecure feature
  • Added p≡p for Outlook Reader
  • Added PGP/MIME support
  • Added possibility to disable p≡p for selected email accounts
  • Added search on untrusted Server
  • Added server qualification (trusted/untrusted) on install
  • Added support for distribution List in the Exchange address book of the user
  • Encrypt outgoing messages when p≡p is disabled if answer to encrypted message
  • Improved Blacklist functionality
  • Improved localization
  • Removed attachment symbol for messages on untrusted servers
  • UI improvements


  • Fixed an initialization error with the p≡p engine
  • Fixed an issue where the p≡p add-in was disabled
  • Fixed an issue when switching accounts during draft creation
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted drafts couldn’t be opened again when working offline
  • Fixed an issue where entering multiple recipients quickly made the UI freeze for a few seconds
  • Fixed an issue where incoming messages appeared and disappeared repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue where sent items were duplicated when using IMAP on trusted server
  • Fixed an issue where the display name of p≡p.pst wasn’t always set correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the installer showed a warning the setup was already running
  • Fixed an issue where the message didn’t update with IMAP on Outlook 2010
  • Fixed an issue where the Privacy Status bar was displayed twice
  • Fixed an issue with communication partners appearing multiple times in a handshake dialog
  • Fixed an issue with drafts on untrusted server that raised an error when p≡p.pst was not shown
  • Fixed an issue with forwarding attachments
  • Fixed an issue with message decryption when sent to own address
  • Fixed an issue with random crashes in Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue with the .NET installation failing during p≡p setup
  • Fixed display of embedded pictures in preview window
  • Fixed handling of attachments with German Umlaute
  • Fixed opening of attached messages
  • Fixed preview to show CC field
  • Fixed the formatting of the license text in the installer
  • Fixed the issue that a reply to through contact field failed
  • Fixed the issue that an empty temp file was left for each encrypted mail
  • Fixed the issue that attachments couldn’t be double clicked in the unencrypted preview
  • Fixed the issue that connecting to an existing account with lots of encrypted mails crashed Outlook
  • Fixed the issue that GPG4Win was not removed when uninstalling p≡p
  • Fixed the issue that messages from Apple Mail couldn’t be decrypted
  • Fixed the issue that multiple instances of the p≡p for Outlook Setup could run simultaneously
  • Fixed the issue that Outlook was closed without warning during installation
  • Fixed the issue that public keys were not detached for unencrypted messages
  • Fixed the issue that removing a key from blacklist didn’t work
  • Fixed the issue that sending a message failed with Exchange in Office 2016/Office 2013
  • Fixed the issue that sending large attachments wasn’t possible
  • Fixed the issue that sent mails were only searchable when decrypted
  • Fixed the issue that the trust status didn’t change when handshake was done from an Inspector window
  • Fixed the issue that the unencrypted preview was not reliably showing
  • Fixed the issue where a click on expand (+) Privacy Status opened the Trustwords dialog
  • HTML view in preview for untrusted server broken
  • IMAP sync problems for untrusted server
  • Implemented log rotation
  • Only show first 10 characters of serial number in the About dialog
  • p≡p didn’t work with user names < 5 characters
  • Registry values are now only opened RW if a Write operation is necessary

Version Release 1.0.102


  • Added button in UI to enable/disable passive mode

fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue that Disable Protection sometimes didn’t work
  • Trustwords culture option missed the description label

Version Release 1.0.204

Release Date: 30.10.2018

** Features** * Option (disabled by default) to show Privacy Status bar on the bottom of the message. * Support to display attachment names for messages from Symantec PGP Desktop * Support for autocrypt headers * Detect disabled ActiceX and enable it if required

fixed Bugs

  • improvements Key Import process