Pretty Easy Privacy

The idea of p≡p (pretty Easy privacy) was conceived in the summer of 2012 when Leon and Volker put their heads together to develop an automatic and easy-to-use solution to protect privacy in written digital communications. The first algorithms were developed in the winter of the same year. Work on the first implementation started in the summer of 2013 after the Snowden revelations and the first version of engine was running by winter 2013. By May 2014, the p≡p version of MS Outlook was in pilot stage and subsequently a pre-release was published in September 2014, along with the crowdfunding campaign launch.

We believe everyone deserves privacy and security by default and without hassle when sending emails. With the p≡p we are set to finally deliver free software for what the cypher-punk movement has been striving for since the late 1980s: Easy Encryption for Everyone! The p≡p engine is Open Source, and the p≡p software is free for the Internet community and the consumers.

A Swiss foundation owns all the open source code and receives part of the proceeds from our commercial business. Similar to how the Mozilla and the Apache Foundations operate, these funds are then invested to support other privacy related open source software projects.

We have offices in Luxembourg and in Switzerland. You can learn more about our team here. Please visit to find out more about the free software project. Please feel free to send us your bio if you think you’d be a good fit to join our company.

Our mission

Our purpose is to defend the right to privacy and security online. Our vision is to offer an automatic and easy to use solution to make all end-to-end written digital communications over the Internet ‘Private and Secure by Default and Design‘. We are committed to developing and broadly distributing complete and transparent software solutions for easy protection of privacy. Our goal is to become the leading experts in Online Privacy and Security.

Meet the team
Leon Schumacher
  • Founder and Co-CEO
  • Former CIO of Novartis 
and Arcelor Mittal
Volker Birk
  • Founder and Co-CEO, CTO
  • Software architect and
 security specialist
Robert Goldmann
  • Senior Vice President Finance
  • Responsible for cash management, taxation, forecasting and investor
Rudolf Bohli
  • Chairman
  • Entrepreneur
 and Investor