p≡p = Pretty Easy Privacy

p≡p was founded in 2015 with a dual structure in mind. There is a foundation and a commercial company which co-exist in a well-balanced eco-system.

The mission of the foundation is to defend the inalienable human rights to privacy and freedom of information and to bring secure and trusted encryption into every application and every device. The foundation employs some of the world's best minds in the field of cryptography. It is a space where creativity to push the boundaries in cryptography and activism for privacy and freedom of information can roam freely. It owns the open-source key encryption software.

The commercial company, p≡p security, has developed a fully-fledged software suite around the key encryption software. The Swiss-based company provides enterprise products based on the p≡p cryptography core. p≡p security holds the exclusive commercial rights to all the source code produced by the p≡p foundation.

Our mission

Our mission is to make messaging ultimately secure and convenient for every enterprise. We are committed to developing and broadly distributing complete and transparent software solutions for easy protection of privacy. In this we want to become the leading experts.

Our Purpose

We created p≡p with a purpose in mind: We want to defend the right to privacy and security in an online world

Meet the team
Christof Wahl

Christof Wahl is an executive leader and investor in digital transformation across multiple industries – communication solutions supplier, infrastructure/service provider, digital media, digital publishing, consumer goods/food - with outstanding success in creating huge shareholder value in technology oriented businesses.

He started as engineer in software development and software testing before moving into managing large software projects. He gained invaluable experience by managing companies with different cultural backgrounds in USA, Finland and Asia, partly living abroad.

Christof has vast experience in building new business and sat on 20+ boards in his career. As well he was part of numerous M&A transactions, both on the buying and selling side.


- Upfield BV: Chief Digital Officer at Upfield, the worlds largest plant based nutrition company, leading the definition and execution of the digital transformation after the buy-out from Unilever by KKR
- ProsiebenSat1 Media SE: Executive Board Member, Chief Operating Officer and Digital Entertainment, Architect of ProSieben’s Digital Business,
- Management Capital Holding AG: Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Private Equity partnership for midcap-buy-outs
- Kabeldeutschland: COO and CEO of large Private Equity Buy-out by APAX, Goldman and Providence
- Siemens AG: President of the Global Telecommunication Business


- Diploma in business administration and economics from Distance Learning University in Hagen
- Diploma in electrical engineering from Technical University of Munich with award of Stifterverband of the German Science

Volker Birk
Founder and Chief Software Architect

Volker Birk is recognized as a genius software architect and activist in the opensource space. Volker wrote his first software program at the age of thirteen and started his first business at the age of sixteen when he developed professional, commercial software for renowned customers in the shipping-, advertising-, manufacturing-, and other industries. Volker is a serial entrepreneur, chief software architect and CEO since more than 30 years. Volker is the quintessential genius behind p≡p, the world’s first Crypto Security Software.

Volker combines the very unique skill set of vast experience and knowledge across the tech universe and beyond. He finds most creative solutions where legions of others fail to understand the problem. He is the mastermind behind the p≡p protocols which solve the problem of automated peer-to-peer key-, identity- and trust- management. The p≡p protocols will fundamentally change the cyber security industry for decades to come.

Volker is an active member in the community supporting projects for privacy, security and freedom. Volker has made p≡p the answer to solve the global cyber security protection problem and bring the cyber criminals’ party to an end.

Over the last 30 years Volker worked as an independent software architect building systems and solving problems for clients across multiple industries and countless technology and software platforms.

Volker stopped continuing his studies when he was asked by Prof. Dr. Hans Ott to hold master lectures in Ulm instead. Since, he held lectures at the University of Heidenheim for eleven years – whereof six years as a member of the examination board - without ever finishing any university program.

Rudolf Bohli
Chairman of the Board

Rudolf Bohli is a highly passionate entrepreneur and investor. As an activist hedge fund manager Rudolf led several ground-breaking campaigns and completed transactions for change at under-performing companies. He advocated for implementing new innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, stringent corporate governance, building high-performing teams and aligning management compensation with performance. Rudolf is a strong believer that technology is the greatest catalyst for change. As an investor Rudolf has a sharp eye for detecting new mega trends before they become a common place. At p≡p, he is excited to collaborate with a world class team to bring the vision to life and make p≡p the most relevant cyber security company of its time.

Founder, CEO and CIO of RBR Capital a boutique investment firm
- Head of Research at a boutique investment bank

- MA in Electrical Engineering, ETH Zurich

Leon Schumacher
Co-Founder and Member of the Board

Leon Schumacher is the co-CEO and co-founder of p≡p, a leading provider of next-generation tools for end-to-end encryption and zero-trust-architecture (ZTA).

Schumacher is an internationally recognized security expert and entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial background and ability to identify new technologies to solve security and privacy problems have enabled him to drive innovation to market over the past decade.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the security space, including extensive experience running IT and security organizations across the globe. His prior roles at Novartis and ArcelorMittal as Group Chief Information Officer for a decade had him running organizations of 2500 employees across the world with yearly budgets of $2.5 billions.

Schumacher also served on boards and advisory boards of several technology and security companies, including Blue Coat and SAP.

His entrepreneurial experience started with IT Security services, followed by the creation of p≡p and Taler Systems, a start-up focusing on tokenization, digital cash and private payments.

- Worldwide CIO of Novartis, the leading pharmaceutical group
- Worldwide CIO of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producer with over 300’000 employees
- Senior positions in IT and Finance with Arcelor and ARBED

- Post MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (USA)
- MS in Management, HEC Paris (F)
- MS in Electrical Engineering / Communications, ETH Zürich (CH)

Florian Ernst
Chief Financial Officer

Florian Ernst is a recognized specialist with strong customer focus, leveraging his broad know-how in accounting, finance, audit, private markets and strategic corporate development in the financial services industry. He is instrumental in bringing the organization to the next level ensuring world-class product and service delivery to our clients.

- Global Head Private Equity Distribution, Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management
- Product Specialist Private Equity UBS AG
- Chief Financial Officer Horizon21 Group
- Co-Head Corporate Finance/General Secretary JFE Hottinger Group
- Audit Senior Deloitte & Touche

- Swiss certified public accountant (CPA)
- MBA and PhD from the University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Robert Goldmann
VP Finance

Robert Goldmann is a relentless and passionate finance executive. He understands how to manage the lifeblood of the company with great oversight and a laser-sharp focus for details. Robert keeps challenging the organisation and top management about the necessity of each budget item with a rigorous understanding of all the aspects for the business. Robert is a great communicator and listener which allows him to fine-tune and anticipate the needs of the company. Robert has been with the p≡p since its inception and made sure that p≡p is always prepared for the next level.

- CFO of Go To navisend AG, St. Gallen
- Adviser, Lecturer and Coach: Axa, Siemens, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, University of Cologne of Applied Sciences, University of Cologne and University of Hagen

- Master’s Degree in Economics, University of Cologne
- Master’s Degree in Engineering, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Patrick Meier
Chief Product and Service Officer

Patrick Meier is the Chief Product and Service Officer of p≡p, a leading provider of next-generation tools for end-to-end encryption and zero-trust-architecture (ZTA).

Patrick has more than 15 years of experience in several IT management, consulting and IT Audit roles in international companies. He was one of the first employees at pEp and helped building up the company in several roles including product, quality and IT. In his prior role he was part of the global IT core team of Swissport.


- IT Manager (global IT core team), Swissport
- BI Consultant, Serwise AG
- IT Auditor, PwC


- Executive MBA, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zurich (CH)
- Bachelor of Engineering in Communication Systems and Informatics, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH)

Beat Geissler
Senior Advisor Strategic Alliances

Beat Geissler joined p≡p as investor and Senior Advisor to the Board to align p≡p with the leading stakeholders and thought leaders in the space of crypto security software. Beat is connecting the dots to make p≡p the leading next generation, fully automated endpoint-to-endpoint encrypted communication solution for corporate customers; one of the most powerful cyber defense weapons available in the global marketplaces.

Beat is a recognized senior executive driving digital transformation and disruptive business models working with agile tech-companies as well as complex, multi-national organizations unlocking sustainability and growth outcomes in equal measure allowing business to soar. Acting as CEO, Development Officer, Board Member and Executive Advisor he creates value by identifying, acquiring, transforming and integrating business entities in various industries and organizations focused on all aspects of operational excellence from front to back. Beat co-founded and funded various start-ups developing and leading the road maps for strategy, operations and technology development co-working with global leaders and customers in financial services, automotive, aerospace, automotive supply and manufacturing. 


- Founder, CEO, COO, Board Member and Investor in several start-ups
- Managing Director, UBS Center of Business Excellence Program
- Partner, and Founding Member of Egon Zehnder’s Technology Practice
- Consultant, Farner Consulting AG


- MBA, from the University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business
- MA, Economics & Political Science from the University of Geneva

Our founder Volker Birk at the CEO Talk at TeleZüri