Safetydetective interview with pEp co-founder Leon Schumacher

Leon Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of Pretty Easy Privacy, was kind enough to sit for an interview with Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks so she could ask him how he sees hackers both as a threat and as a solution.

p≡p adds five major features in new release

p≡p security has introduced five major improvements to new versionsof the p≡p applications for Android and Outlook; the biggest change is KeyImport, which allows the easy and safe import of existing keys from p≡p applications and OpenPGP-based applications. Additionally, p≡p for Outlook now also includes the option of attaching a disclaimer to encrypted messages as well as using Force Protection to force encryption for receivers. p≡p for Outlook and p≡p for Android also add a feature to passive mode, and p≡p for Android has the newer Material Design from Google.

pEp Security Delivers Powerful New Solutions

Luxembourg -- Apr. 30, 2018—pEp Security S.A. today announced the launch of a new version of pEp for Outlook and the first version of pEp for Android, easy-to-use encrypted email solutions to anyone, anywhere.

Security Updates for p≡p for Outlook

p≡p for Outlook version 1.0.51 is now available through auto-update. The new version contains security improvements based on the findings of the p≡p engine code audit report, which is available here. All our existing subscribers are strongly advised to update to the new version.

p≡p Security (pretty Easy privacy) is launching its first products on July 4th, 2016

The company had already showcased its cutting-edge technology and innovative product lineup during the RSA conference in San Francisco in early March of this year. Now these products providing secure e-mail communication for both PC and mobile users are being released to public. Today's launch includes p≡p for Outlook and p≡p for Android, covering both the Microsoft Windows and the Android mobile world.