p≡p for Thunderbird available as Beta version for Linux

Zurich, Switzerland - Today, p≡p security (pretty Easy privacy) is pleased to announce the release of a Linux beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird. This release is distributed as an installation package. p≡p for Thunderbird protects business and private emails reliably, rapidly, and fully automatically.

"It has been possible to protect emails with encryption for more than thirty years now. But until p≡p, protection has remained exclusive to IT professionals. Because most solutions are too complicated for widespread use. That's why we developed p≡p for email. p≡p makes encryption simple," says Leon Schumacher, CEO of p≡p security.

p≡p for email brings easy email protection not only to Thunderbird, but also to Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. p≡p provides the following core functionality:

  • Automatic encryption and decryption of messages
  • Easy synchronization of keys across all platforms (p≡p sync)
  • A simple to understand system showing a message's privacy status based on traffic lights

"p≡p for Thunderbird has the advantage of automating both the setup and the operation of email encryption. As a user, you don't have to deal with the manual setup and distribution of keys. This is fully automated similar to popular messengers," says Volker Birk, CTO of p≡p security.

p≡p for email is a new generation of protection, but remains compatible with PGP. Further, p≡p continues to support passphrases for advanced users. And, of course, p≡p for Thunderbird includes a migration tool that automatically imports already existing keys from, e.g., a previous Enigmail installation.

And, that's not all. Further features:

  • p≡p automatically encrypts the subject lines and, conversely, decrypts the subject already when messages are received.
  • p≡p allows push notifications of new mails, showing a decrypted preview of the message and the subject.
  • p≡p enables global searching in encrypted messages via message indexing.
  • p≡p offers permanent decryption with trusted (e.g., in-house) server infrastructure and thus also searches in previously encrypted messages.

More information about the beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird can be found on the following wiki page: dev.pep.foundation/Thunderbird

About p≡p security:
p≡p security aims to make encryption and privacy the standard for written digital messages of all kinds. It invests a portion of its revenue to fund the non-profit p≡p foundation.

p≡p security's email technology protects individuals and organizations in the private and public sectors with comprehensive and fully automated encryption tools, and also protects against phishing attacks and business email compromise. The p≡p for email tools for desktop and mobile can all be downloaded for free for individuals and small businesses at www.pep.software.

In the banking and enterprise sector, p≡p security's technology allows institutions protecting their back offices to encrypt and authenticate all financial messages and realize NIST's zero-trust architecture, and SWIFT CSP compliance. p≡p security's solutions enable banks to close dangerous cyberattack vectors while significantly reducing maintenance and investment costs.

Privacy by Default.

More information on p≡p and the p≡p products can be found on www.pep.security.

Leon Schumacher
p≡p security
0041 79 720 76 36

Volker Birk
p≡p security
0041 79 292 88 87