p≡p Security (pretty Easy privacy) is launching its first products on July 4th, 2016

The company had already showcased its cutting-edge technology and innovative product lineup during the RSA conference in San Francisco in early March of this year. Now these products providing secure e-mail communication for both PC and mobile users are being released to public. Today's launch includes p≡p for Outlook and p≡p for Android, covering both the Microsoft Windows and the Android mobile world.

p≡p Security's purpose is to offer privacy and security in written digital communications for everyone. Our vision is to offer an automatic and easy to use solution with end-to-end protection for all written digital communications over the Internet. Hence, ‘Privacy by Default’. Our team of 25 is committed to developing and broadly distributing complete and transparent software solutions for easy protection of privacy.

p≡p’s products are set to change the default for encryption and anonymization of digital messages over the internet. The applications have been designed to provide extremely easy and automatic encryption by default for e-mail, and in the near future also for instant messaging.

To learn more about p≡p Security and how to get p≡p products, please visit us on the web at www.prettyeasyprivacy.com.

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