Security update, iOS with dark mode and Thunderbird for Linux with updater

p≡p Security is pleased to announce new updates to p≡p apps today. These include a vulnerability fix for all apps, as well as several other improvements and features such as dark mode in p≡p for iOS and an updater for p≡p for Linux.

Today's update fixes a crash vulnerability in all p≡p apps due to a bug in Nettle. All users of Nettle, including p≡p, were vulnerable to this issue via specially crafted messages during decryption. All new versions of p≡p now include the updated version of Nettle.

While all p≡p versions have received the security update, more improvements and new features come with the updated versions of p≡p for Linux and p≡p for iOS:

p≡p for iOS will get the much requested dark mode. Furthermore, p≡p has been integrated into the iOS sharing menu (content can be sent directly to the p≡p app using the share button), along with improved folder appearance and other minor improvements.

The beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird on Linux, version 1.1.110, is also being released today and comes with an updater that automatically notifies users of updates. Additionally, this update includes improvements to the automatic password prompt and notifications.

A comprehensive list of improvements can be found in the release notes:
p≡p for iOS:
p≡p for Outlook:
p≡p for Android:
p≡p for Thunderbird: