No training required. Suited to every team member. For Microsoft Outlook, Android and iOS. Fully integrated.


Easy to implement. Easy to roll out. It’s simply business as usual ...


Encrypts emails and attachments. Every time. Invisibly in the background. No phishing. No whaling. No identity theft.

Open source. Code reviews. Highest security standards. Swiss principal.From a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions.
Low total cost of ownership (TCO). Transparent licensing.
Compatible with all established encryption methods. For all devices.End-to-end. No central services. No cloud.

A closer look...

p≡p is the new gold standard for secure office communications, reliably encrypting emails and attachments – all Outlook communications in fact. It also protects mobile communications from Android and iOS. Installation couldn't be easier – a few seconds are all you need to get it up and running in Outlook.

p≡p can be seamlessly integrated into complex infrastructures.Workstations and devices can be easily managed from a central hub. Pretty easy.

p≡p supports the entire team by doing what each user would otherwise have to do for themselves: It protects their data and safeguards their privacy. It gives the team peace of mind that only the intended recipients can read data from your company. p≡p slots seamlessly into working life without disrupting productivity. It works invisibly on all devices, so no one even knows it’s there.

So what training or background knowledge do you need? None actually!

p≡p doesn’t ask questions. But it does provide unbeatable security. It also encrypts and decrypts data automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on your work – without interruptions. In addition, it is available with an optional key escrow server.

p≡p supports all conventional encryption methods and email platforms. So don't worry if your contacts use a different encryption program; p≡p is compatible. It encrypts and decrypts data automatically – every time.

If your company is large or has complex requirements, you can manage your configuration via a group policy.

Pretty easy. Privacy by Default.
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