With SWIFT payment fraud on the rise, financial institutions face the challenges of protecting their networks against cyber attacks. p≡p for Financial Messaging delivers protection with the following advantages:

Provides fully automated end-to-end encryption to the back-office systems of a bank. Signs and authenticates every single financial message for full traceability and logging.

Contributes to numerous SWIFT CSP controls and fulfills the SWIFT CSP requirements for end-to-end (E2E) protection with full automation.

Fully automated peer-to-peer key, trust and identity management with no central element.

Significantly lowers your TCO compared to existing solutions, removes all manual certificate management tasks and improves stability, or if necessary integrates with existing PKIs.

p≡p prevents future "Bangladesh attacks" by bringing plug-and-play encryption to bank's back-offices and eliminating any manual key/certificate maintenance and management.

Automatic signing and encrypting
Authentication of systems and messages
Independent of transport infrastructure
Our seamless solutions are designed to work with any transport infrastructure, such as MQ, Kafka, SMTP, SMPP, etc.
Zero Maintenance
Due to automated key management.
Plug & Play
Just plug it in and start operating automatically immediately.
Invisible to normal operation
p≡p utilizes opportunistic encryption where possible, rendering it invisible to others.
Best available security
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and Short Living Keys minimize attack vectors.
PKI supported, but not needed
p≡p automates key management, and can also automate X.509 certificate management if necessary.
Debugging still possible
An additional Read-Key, called the p≡p Debug Key, is provided for deployment. With this debug key, it is possible to read the encrypted message flow for debugging purposes, but it is not possible to alter the payload itself.
Unbreakable encryption with Regulatory Monitoring
p≡p provides unbreakable end-to-end encryption, but can provide regulators, where mandatory, an extra Read-Key (documented front-door).
Monitoring and Processing still possible
A p≡p Extra Read-Key is provided so an app can process or monitor messages. A p≡p Extra Read-Write-Key can be provided too, for example to alter message payloads. This is the Processing Key. All changes are logged and signed with this authorized key.
Sign and Encrypt messages end-to-end inside bank
Messages are taken unsigned and unencrypted from App. Then they’re signed and encrypted by applying p≡p. They are decrypted prior to being passed on to the SWIFT network.
Pretty easy. Privacy by Default

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