Plug-and-play pretty Easy privacy into your software. The easy way to get end-to-end encryption to keep your users safe.


Make your software compatible with the most common and most proven standards. Only possible with Open Source and long-time trusted technologies.

Code audited

Trust us. We’re more paranoid that you. Our code gets regular external code audits. You don’t trust anyone? That's good! Go and audit the code yourself.

The driving engine of p≡p knows about the crypto functions and the different message transport. It will learn more of them with time.
Simply use the adapter in your language to integrate it into you software. Adapters serve bindings to interface to the p≡p Engine.
Your application is using the Internet to trasport messages? Then p≡p is ready for you to get it protected.

What is your environment?

We offer personal security and privacy by default for your own apps. All p≡p development solutions come with professional support. Choose your development environment to learn more about integrating p≡p into your tool or product

Visual Studio

You are coding C#, C++, VB, .Net or other languages in Visual Studio? Then the p≡p COM adapter integrates easily into your Visual Studio solution. Go and check it out, and then contact us!


You want your Objective C and Swift apps to communicate with end-to-end encryption? Then our adapter especially made to integrate apps for iOs and macOS will be your choice. Go and check it out Go and check it out, and then contact us!


Eclipse is where you feel at home to code in J2EE and J2SE for more privacy? Then the p≡p JNI Adapter will serve to integrate privacy pretty easy for you, and your users. Go and check it out, and then contact us!

Android Studio

You wish your Android user could communicate securely and barrier free? Then the p≡p JNI Adapter is what you need to make that happen. Go and check it out, and then contact us!


Qt is your choice to to create mail and message programs that offer privacy by default? Then we are happy to serve and continue working on our Qt Adapter for you. Go and check it out, and then contact us!


Nothing can work for you without the use of Javascript but still you want your programs secure? The p≡p JSON Adapter is awaiting you eagerly to make privacy the default for you, and your users. Go and check it out, and then contact us!


Python is your language of choice to realize anything you can think of? That's great we like Python too and are looking forward to finally see our Python Adapter in the wild! Go and check it out, and then contact us!

Pretty easy. Privacy by Default.
Because you deserve the very best.