Support for all established encryption methods. And all your devices. Fully automatic. For your peace of mind. And your convenience.


Encrypts emails and attachments. Every time. Invisibly in the background.

End-to-end encryption

Direct. User to user. No central services. For your eyes only.

Open source. Code reviews. Highest security standards. Swiss principal. From a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions.
Perfect fit
Tailored to you device. Compatible. Across all your e-mail accounts and devices. For Microsoft Outlook, Android and iOS. Install and go.
Easy installation in just a few clicks. Direct authentication of other users. Instant protection. No phishing. No whaling. No identity theft.

A closer look...

Video demonstration of pEp on your iPhone
pEp Sync in action between your PC and your iPad

p≡p is the new gold standard for communicating from your iPhone, reliably encrypting all your email accounts, emails and attachments –regardless of how many you have.

This intuitive app is a dream come true for any user: It protects your data and safeguards your privacy. It gives you peace of mind that only the intended recipient can read your data. p≡p slots seamlessly into your working life – you won’t even know it’s there.

So what training or background knowledge do you need? None actually! Simply install it and synchronize all of your devices. And don't worry if your contacts use a different encryption program; p≡p for iOS is compatible.

It encrypts and decrypts data automatically – every time. For iOS 11 and later versions. Available in the Apple Store.

Pretty easy. Privacy by Default.
Because you deserve the very best.