Objective-C developer

Job summary

Are you an skilled Objective-C developer who is tired of moving two pixels back (the third time) because someone decided to change the UI again? You would prefer to get your hands dirty instead, mangling real data in the most performant way you could think of? Like  modifying IP packages in an Kernel or System Extension? You would love to see your Objective-C product running on Linux, Windows or z/OS? You are living in or around Barcelona or are willing to move there?

Then please let's talk!

Job description

We are offering working with a great international team in nice working conditions. For a cypherpunk project this world is really needing – make people & systems secure and help to protect everyone's privacy!

You also will be well-known to the community, our code is Open Source!

Job qualifications

We're looking forward to applications from people, which at least have the following skills:

- 6+ years of Objective-C development
- excellent understanding of concurrency problems
- excellent knowledge of dev environments and debugging
- basic knowledge in complexity theory
- basic knowledge of software architecture

- basic knowledge of cryptography is a plus
- experience with macOS or iOS Network [System] Extensions is a plus
- basic experience with C is a plus
- experience of systems programming on Unix is a plus

Please send your application to Patrick Meier (pm@pep.security). We are looking forward to receive your application.