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Job summary

About p≡p Security

At p≡p Security, Our mission is to make messaging ultimately secure and convenient for every enterprise. We are committed to developing and broadly distributing complete and transparent software solutions for easy protection of privacy. In this we want to become the leading experts.

p≡p Security is an international company with teams in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, and the UK. We’re an equal opportunity employer and proud of our diversity and multi-cultural background.

Seize the opportunity to play a decisive role in shaping a company during its pivotal growth stage!

Job description

As a Python Developer at p≡p Security you will be part of a team focused on developing network components of a zero trust architecture compliant with the highest standards in cybersecurity.

In a time of constant cyber-attacks on our privacy, corporate information and societal processes in government and the defense of our freedom, we at p≡p Security have built the rails for a secure architecture that protects our privacy and freedom, by ensuring best-in-class security through a Zero Trust Architecture.

If freedom through a maximum of data protection is your thing – this job may be just the one you’ve been looking for.

We’re looking for a Python Developer to further strengthen our ETK and Proxy teams.

You will be working with a great international team in a hybrid work environment.

You will work closely with other engineers using agile methodologies.

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Your Responsibilities

  • Work closely with all stakeholders to achieve the goals
  • Write clean code following best practices and industry standards
  • Apply design patterns to encourage a good, clean and pragmatic design for the creation of maintainable and reusable code
  • Build smart, efficient, resilient, scalable, robust and reusable high-quality software applications
  • Fixing of bugs
  • Document code properly
  • Designing, coding, debugging, testing and deploying defined features as well as maintaining them
Job qualifications

Your Profile

  • You have a degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with Python
  • Excellent analytical, design, communication and problem-solving (be able to efficiently address commonly faced problems) skills
  • Strong unit test (e.g. pytest or similar) and debugging skills
  • Experience with E-Mail in Python
  • Expertise in Core Python (e.g. Data Structures, OOPs concepts)
  • Firm understanding of Python programming, Python modules (e.g. os, sys, pywin32-ctypes) and commonly used Python libraries (e.g. Requests)
  • Strong understanding of code refactoring
  • Be comfortable creating and maintaining technical documentation
  • Skills in version control systems, preferably Git or similar
  • Knowledge of clean code, design patterns and best programming practices
  • Extensive knowledge of object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Provide and accept constructive criticism
  • Eager to learn and ability to learn quickly
  • You are enthusiastic about cyber security and digital privacy
  • You are enthusiastic, proactive and emphatic, have a can-do and positive attitude and want to deliver quickly (always assuring software quality) and iterate fast by overcoming and breaking down barriers
  • You are a team player and enjoy sharing knowledge and collaborating with your co-workers and cross-functional teams

Nice to Have

  • You have deep understanding of E-Mail in Python
  • You have a good grasp of Frameworks (e.g. Django, PyYAML)
  • You have experience with Python packaging (pip, setup tools, wheel)
  • Tools for assisting in internationalizing and localizing Python applications (e.g. Babel)
  • You have experience with C/C++ and C++ bindings (boost::python, GIL release)
  • You have experience with containerized/cloud deployment (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • You have extensive knowledge of cryptography and PGP
  • You understand the principles behind ZTA, PGP, S/MIME, X.509, PKI

Sounds exciting? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Antonio Tena ( is looking forward to receive your application or to answer your questions.